The Crazy Power of Words

Ever notice how some words have a crazy amount of power? Like these: 

I do


Get out


Even when the result isn't so dramatic, our words shape our reality. 

I once heard a group of friends clapping and laughing with excitement as one of them announced her "un-wedding." Instead of the usual, "Oh, I'm so sorry," this crowd was celebrating the news as if it were a joyous occasion, and their celebration (I'm sure) made it more so!

We all need to watch our words, but as a leader, we need to pay even more attention.  

Our words set the tone. Imagine the difference between a leader who says, "I have to watch my people or they won't perform," and one who says, "I trust my team."

Our words set the bar. Instead of, "we will get as much done as we can," try, "what would it look like if we stretched and won?"

Our words show our care. "Do a good job," feels very different from, "I believe in you. Give me your best."

So I have a little challenge for you!

Pay attention to your words today and watch for the impact. 

When speaking to others, do your words make them smile? Do your words help them believe in themselves? Do your words show your caring? 

And when speaking to yourself, DO THE SAME!

  • Do your words help you feel GOOD? (Tell yourself "good job" when you finish a task!)
  • Do they help you keep moving forward? (Say, "I CAN do this!")
  • Do they help you see more possibilities and fewer roadblocks? (Try, "I'm sure if we both try, we can work this out.")

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