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4 Steps to Build an Effective Team

Leading a team is a demanding role! You must know how to engage your team, ensure positive relationships, structure the work to achieve outcomes, and still get your own work done! This framework can help.

TIE Tracker - Video

The Time Impact Energy Tracker will help you see how you really spend your precious time and energy. Watch this video and grab the TIE Tracker handout to clarify what is hindering your effectiveness.

Trust Tip 1 - Video

Take full responsibility for the trust problem. Learn to take powerful positive action, and find out why this is essential for building trust. 

Trust Tip 2 - Video

Follow through and make things happen. Who knew that keeping your word was so critical to trust!? You will be so glad that you did. 

Coaching for Diversity, Equity    and Inclusion (DEI)

Desiree Saddler of the Saddler Consulting Group joins me to discuss how coaching can help us embrace diversity, create equity, and strengthen inclusion.

Coaching & Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs)

Theresa Phillips, an expert on documentation requirements and performance improvement plans (PIPs) joins me to discuss coaching around performance.

Meeting Agenda Templates

Brainstorming, Choice-Making and Planning meeting agenda templates are just a few we've put together to create more effective, productive meetings with your team.

14 Ways to Improve Your Meetings

Make your meetings more meaningful, engaging and interactive by using processes and activities that deliver real results!

Coaching Q&A

We provide answers to client questions I have received on various topics including coaching, leadership and more on our YouTube channel!

Leadership Q&A

Check out my YouTube channel for the answers to client questions that I have received on a variety of topics including coaching, leadership and more!

Ditch Your Performance Appraisal?

Check out this video where we discuss tools and suggestions for moving your organization from an annual performance appraisal to quarterly coaching.

A Guide to Resolving
Performance Issues

This workbook will give you a step-by-step guide on how to manage performance on your team.

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