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Supervisory Skill Building

Most supervisors are promoted into their positions because they demonstrate competency in their roles and some inherent leadership qualities. 

When these qualities are properly developed, and paired with the tactical skills necessary to lead individuals and teams, supervisors make a powerful impact on your bottom line!

Help your supervisors master skills related to:

  • Building trust
  • Clarifying expectations
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Motivating others
  • Leading meetings
  • Coaching
  • Delegating
  • Problem-solving
  • And more!

(See below for some of our most popular course descriptions)

How does it work?

Consult, Design, Deliver!


Call us to discuss your needs. We will talk about the skills you need most, your preferred schedule, how many supervisors you’d like to train, and ways you can support the training after it is over.


We will design a custom-built series that meets your supervisors where they are and takes them where YOU want them to go.


Whether you want in-person, virtual or hybrid training, half-days or full-days, we will deliver a custom designed program that empowers your supervisors!

Training that makes an impact!

Every supervisor needs a blend of tactical skills and leadership qualities to be successful, so our courses are designed to be practical and inspirational. Your supervisors will learn to “lead authentically,” engage their team members, and deliver results!

Popular Training Titles

Below are some of our most popular titles.
(Additional topics and titles available upon request.)

Being a Super Supervisor

In this class we learn the essential differences between being an individual contributor and being a people-leader. We discuss the importance of leadership credibility and reflect on ways to set a positive example regarding your organization’s values. We also help you build a leadership development plan so you come away with a personalized roadmap for success. 

Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness

In this class you’ll be empowered and inspired to build self-awareness and manage your emotions effectively, so that you can make powerful choices about your behaviors and improve all of your relationships. Emotional Intelligence has been shown to be a powerful predictor of success- more so than a person’s IQ! You’ll learn and understand the 4 components that contribute to Emotional Intelligence, practice easy to use tools for building and maintaining self-awareness throughout the day and learn how to “prime” your body and brain for success!

Communication Essentials

Each individual’s communication style and habits have an impact on the “climate” of the organization. The way we communicate can heavily influence how we are perceived, the level of trust we can build, the quality of information shared and heard, and other people’s engagement and motivation. In this course, you will learn 3 differentiators of “effective communication” and how communication barriers might be undermining your success. You’ll also learn how to actively listen actively and speak up for your needs in ways that build trust and respect.

From Conflict to Collaboration

When we are unable to collaborate, or even handle conflict effectively, we are unable to build trust, get the best outcomes, or lead an effective team. This course will help you interrupt triggers and ineffective interaction patterns, build mutually beneficial solutions, and stay present while working through outcome-based plans. 

Meaningful 1:1s

Creating connection, clarity and consistency often happens in our 1:1 meetings. Are yours as powerful as they need to be? In this workshop, we learn to activate the 3Cs of meaningful 1:1s: connection, clarity and consistency.

Understanding Team Dynamics

To lead a team is to unleash the unique abilities of all team members and create synergy. To do this, you must understand team evolution, the dynamics and potential pitfalls of teams, and the roles and responsibilities of all team members. You will learn to diagnose team challenges and support the team you want to lead.

Delegating for Development

Delegation is a supervisor’s best friend! When done properly, it empowers your staff, creates opportunities for growth, and allows you as the supervisor to focus on the big picture and the systems and processes that lead to sustained improvements. Come to this class to learn and practice the essential skills needed for successful delegation.

Coaching for Success

Are you a coach? Coaching others is one of our primary responsibilities as leaders. It allows us to delegate effectively, plan for succession, and grow the business. To do so, we need to identify the strengths and challenges of our team members, get curious, and create opportunities for them to grow and develop. In this class we will learn and apply the GROW model for coaching success.

Building Accountability Through Continuous Feedback

Our ability to create a culture and climate of learning and growth is key! In this environment, calculated risk is encouraged, mistakes are celebrated, feedback and recognition flow continuously, and a balance of hunger and humility that unleashes energy! You’ll come away with a toolkit for creating a learning culture through trusted feedback.

Setting Goals and Achieving Results

Reaching your goal is much faster and more satisfying when you know where you are going and feel the energy of meeting milestones. Yet far too often, workplace goals are fuzzy, ill defined, and not connected to real, tangible outcomes. In this class you will explore the link between goals and engagement, turn your team priorities into WINs (What’s Important NOW?), and break your goals into short term, energizing milestones and outcomes using the SMART format.

Managing Performance

Even the best managers face performance challenges! When performance issues arise, you must be ready to explore the root causes, listen with empathy, and provide helpful support for change. In this class we introduce a performance management model and we work through typical performance challenges.

Motivating Others

When push comes to shove, we all must know ourselves and make choices that lead to greater levels of satisfaction in our own careers. In this class, we look through the lens of “motives and drivers” to understand ourselves and others better. We then consider ways to “sculpt” our jobs and delegate to others for higher levels of alignment and fulfillment for all.

(Additional topics and titles available upon request.)

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