Coaching for Excellence

Transform your team by becoming a Coaching Manager

Everything gets easier when you learn to coach your employees! Coaching supports better employee performance, improves relationships, creates clear expectations, and ignites engagement! 


The Research Is In!

Today's workforce doesn't want to wait for an ANNUAL performance appraisal to know how they are doing. They want frequent, quality, actionable feedback. Plus, consistent feedback has been proven to enhance employee engagement while supporting performance. It doesn't get much better than that!

Join us!

This LIVE, virtual course will give you the background and skills you need to get started having powerful goal-setting and performance-based conversations that build trust and increase effectiveness on your team.

Module 1: The Fundamentals of Coaching

Coaching makes an impact! Learn what it means to be a Coaching Manager, and consider the benefits for everyone involved. Understand who you will coach and toward what ends. Be introduced to the GROW Coaching Model. 

Module 2: Listening, Observing, and Asking Powerful Questions

Listening with presence is one of the most powerful leadership skills you can possess. There is no substitute for sharpening our intuitive instincts and being fully present. In this class, we practice this game-changing skill. 

Module 3: Coaching with G.R.O.W.

In this class we go deeper into the GROW Coaching Model and watch demonstrations of the model in action. Then, prepare for your own coaching session and practice together! You'll also learn to evaluate the effectiveness of your coaching session. 

Module 4: Setting Goals and Achieving Results

Achieving our goals is a core human motivator. In this class we’ll practice setting meaningful and actionable goals, and talk about when goals are NOT necessary. We will also discuss cascading goals and learn to support success with action plans

Module 5: Creating a Culture of Feedback

Coaching is a widely applicable skill, but when paired with genuine gratitude and routine kudos it creates a wildly positive climate. In this class we focus on creating shared expectations with your team, and on using a weekly communication cadence to support a climate of continuous and helpful feedback.

Module 6: Addressing Performance Issues

Coaching is a powerful tool, but a performance improvement plan may be necessary in some cases. In this module we explore when and how to move away from coaching and into formal performance improvement. We also cover documentation and keeping it legal!

BONUS Module: Understanding Performance

We all WANT to perform! But do we have the support we need to do so? In this BONUS module, we go behind the scenes and "unpack" the building blocks of performance. We delve into skill building, motivation, and making sure that as a manager, you are providing the tools that support success. 

BONUS Module: Supporting Change

For many, the transition to coaching will be a significant change. In this BONUS module we'll give you some tools and suggestions for how to make it easier for individuals and groups to adopt the new practice of having regular coaching conversations. 

"Committing to and supporting Quarterly Coaching Conversations turned out to be a real boost for our culture. Walnut Creek has always been a great place to work, but the improvement is noticeable. People are happier, productivity is higher, and engagement is on the rise."

Fran Robustelli
Assistant City Manager, The City of Walnut Creek

"Coaching for Excellence is a way forward for any organization. I encourage leaders to invest in this course, especially when their teams are struggling to address persistent personnel challenges inherent to all organizations. Successful teams have outstanding coaches and Claire Laughlin's group of highly engaging experts will supply the tools if you supply the talent. Give your managers this opportunity to grow."

Jim Mitrisin
Clerk of the Board, Yuba Water Agency

"Claire provided an inspiring introduction to coaching as part of our City’s effort to develop a positive work culture."

Leadership Participant
Yuba City

You might be wondering…

Naturally, when you purchase an online course, you want folks to USE it. The best way to encourage use is to set up practice sessions so that participants know they'll be required to perform. 

We have also included worksheets in every module so that you can ask folks to complete the worksheets and then review with their managers. 

Absolutely! Coaching is a leadership skill that will strengthen relationships, engagement, and performance, regardless of whether or not you retain your existing systems and processes. 

YES! We want you to be 100% successful. Give us a call to talk about group discounts. There are many ways that we can help you implement a coaching approach in your organization. 

Yes, we also offer scheduled in-person Practice Sessions that help foster skill adoption organization-wide. Give us a call to discuss!

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