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If your leadership team isn’t thriving, your organization is suffering.

Every strong leadership team has clarity about 3 things…

  • The culture they want to create - as a team and for the organization.
  • The outcomes the organization is seeking. (What’s important NOW? And how will we measure success?)
  • The process for aligning people to the outcomes and culture of the organization on an ongoing basis. (In other words, how to continuously course correct.)

If you want your organization to thrive, your team needs to align on all 3 success factors above.

How to get there?

Strengthen Cohesion.

How far the organization can go and how exceptional it can be is entirely dependent upon the level of trust between leadership team members. 

Create Clarity. 

When we align around primary goals and objectives, and design right-sized processes that keep the team on track, we are well on our way to clarity.

Cascade Clarity.

Your organization will thrive as you implement shared values, shared practices for meetings and decision-making, and standards for accountability and coaching.

Creating a thriving and healthy leadership team that supports success requires an investment of your time and energy, but the joy, ease and satisfaction you will experience and the outcomes you will be able to achieve as a result will be well worth the effort.

How does it work?

Consult, Design, Offsite!


We begin with an initial intake consultation to determine your primary needs and discuss the scope of the program. This is frequently (but not always) followed by interviews with all leadership team members.


Your leadership offsite will be designed specifically to help achieve your desired results. We typically include team cohesion exercises and strategic goal setting, but your vision will be the guide.


In a location of your choice, we work together to build understanding, appreciation and trust between team members, to enhance clarity about expectations, and to build processes that keep your team on track.

You’ll come away with a custom-designed Team Playbook to support your success in the year ahead!

When your team is working well together and aligned on the priorities, expectations and current goals for the organization, there is no limit to the success you can achieve! 

Our leadership offsites will help you establish the solid foundation you need so that you can start enjoying your work, experiencing more freedom, and getting the right things done! 

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