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Yesterday (October 17) was the anniversary of the 1989 Earthquake that was centered in Santa Cruz, CA, my hometown.


The reach of this earthquake was MASSIVE. This $5 billion disaster is known as one of the most powerful and destructive earthquakes ever to hit a populated area of the United States and for any who experienced it first-hand, it was life-changing.  


The anniversary of this event reminded me about how people and communities come together when there is something much bigger at stake than whatever interpersonal problems we are having. 


We’ve all experienced this connectedness in the face of disaster… but it also happens every day at work on a smaller scale when teams are mobilized toward getting meaningful and important things done. 


Why? Because humans are wired to help each other, AND to make a positive difference in the world. 

At work, it’s widely shared wisdom that we need BOTH an emotional connection with our colleagues AND accountability toward measurable outcomes to have a healthy and sustainable organization. 

I talk a lot about trust– in part because I believe that it is SO MUCH EASIER to work toward shared outcomes in an environment of healthy relationships. 


But it’s equally important to consider the role of clear and compelling goals, and of having a shared vision for what we are working toward together. 


In fact, at times, interpersonal difficulties can be smoothed by working side-by-side toward a compelling shared goal. 


So, if your team is suffering, take a dual approach…


  1. Pay attention to relationships and your organizational culture. Cultivate connectedness among team members by stoking the fires of appreciation and by creating clear expectations for positive behavior.
  2. AND, make SURE you have CLEAR and COMPELLING goals and a means of measuring progress toward those goals. Stretch. Make sure everyone has a role to play in achieving the shared goal, and keep those goals alive week-by-week!


Focusing on these 2 areas will help you create the conditions that support a healthy team that gets things done!

Imagine your team with less friction and more focus.

What kind of amazing outcomes would be possible? 

I’m offering 2 short courses in November and December, designed specifically to help you create a dynamic culture where great work gets done!


The first is about how to Create a Learning Culture and Lead Change, and the second is about Setting and Achieving Goals.


These foundational courses will help you move your team swiftly toward better outcomes, higher engagement, and less friction.


I hope you’ll join me, and bring your team along!


When we focus together, great things are possible!


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