What's Keeping You Up at Night?

I’ve been hearing concerning stories from many of my clients and colleagues, and I’m spotting trends. Here are some of the struggles I'm hearing about lately: 


  1. Momentum is stalled. Things are getting done, but not with the general energy that some leaders expect. 
  2. Teams aren’t cohesive. There has been a lot of turnover and teams haven’t had the opportunity to really gel. Relationships aren’t forming like they used to. 
  3. People are burned out. This could be caused by the volume of work, and/or by the fact that teams are running lean or they have new members. But it could also be a lack of clear purpose, or a lack of fit between certain people and their roles. 
  4. Accountability and ownership are lacking. People are looking outside of themselves for leadership, and (perhaps) not finding it. 
  5. Basic service skills on the front line are MIA. Complaints are on the rise, while customer service numbers fall, creating a cascade of additional issues to deal with.


Do any of these sound familiar?  Or is it something else for you? Let's hear about it. 

  • What’s keeping you up at night? 
  • How is your team doing in this new hybrid-partially-WFH era? 
  • How are YOU—as a leader—holding up?


Many of my clients are radically re-teaming! 

They are coming together to build cohesion, get clear on what’s important now (setting compelling goals), and making agreements regarding the standards they will uphold as a group. 


They are also committing to coaching their employees toward those standards, and using better meeting structure to reinforce new and better habits.


  • What are you doing to make sure your team gets and stays healthy?
  • How are you bringing energy to your goals? 
  • How are you supporting your employees as they build competence and ownership?


So many teams are suffering lately from lack of cohesion, clarity and accountability—it’s draining the life and energy out of our workplaces. Don’t let that happen to you! Coaching is a powerful skill that can address all of these issues and more.

My once-per-year course, Coaching for Excellence, starts March 28, and the early bird price is available until the end of February. JOIN ME! 6 sessions, live online, with lots of bonus content and a ton of fun!

I’ll walk you right through the process of creating stronger cohesion, clarifying goals and priorities, and then coaching your employees to success. This course is highly engaging and interactive, and we will have plenty of practice time! You'll come away with the tools and confidence you need to create a coaching culture.

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