Is Your Team Unstoppable?


Today let's talk about Unstoppable Teams by Alden Mills. 

This is a great book, and I highly recommend that you get it and read it.

Mills talks about what he calls the C.A.R.E. framework care and how to use the C.A.R.E. framework to make your team Unstoppable

At the end of the book, he lays out five phases of Team development. 

Phase 1: Connected Group

In phase one, you're just really acting as a connected group. This is a group of people who are working together but they're not necessarily emotionally connected to each other or to a shared vision. They are just working side-by-side.

Phase 2: Directed Group

In a directed group, the leader has stepped in and started to provide some direction for the team, but the direction is coming from the leader. It is the leader's goals for the team, but they are starting to point in the same direction at least. 

Phase 3: Respected Group

In Phase 3, the team starts to form emotional bonds with each other, and the team is really starting to take shape. In this phase, there is some energy around the mission and goals. 

Phase 4: Empowered Team

In an empowered team, the goals start to come to life, and the team is more involved, and people are really engaged with one another.  They are activating this C.A.R.E. framework that Mills talks about in the book. 

Phase 5: The Unstoppable (10x) Team

The Pinnacle is Phase 5- The Unstoppable Team– and Mills says that this is the 10x team. This team is 10 times better than the rest of the teams and I love the energy behind the idea of an Unstoppable Team!

Imagine! IN an Unstoppable Team, people give for each other and do for each other and they're working together toward Over the Horizon Goals (OTH) which are not necessarily short-term goals but they're BIG GOALS. And the team members are willing to do it because they are part of an Unstoppable Team!

I live for this stuff!

If you've been following me at all, you probably know that my goal in life is to help create as many happy and high-energy teams as I can, and those are teams with strong trust, strong process, and clear and meaningful goals!

And that's what I want to do for your team!

So leave me a comment or send me a reply. Tell me…

Where does your team fall on this 5 Phase Framework? 

Where would you put your team? 

Where is your learning edge?

What's working? 

What do you need to do to move your team up towards the Phase 5, 10X Unstoppable Team? 

I love to hear your feedback!

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