H is for Healthy Relationships


Let's talk about Healthy relationships!

A wise person once shared this image with me, and now I’d like to share it with you... 

Think about 2 people in a healthy relationship like the capital letter H. Two strong and stable sides, connected in the middle. 

In relationships, that’s like 2 strong and stable people, with hearts connected.

So- in this Capital H healthy relationship, each person can stand on their own. They are strong, confident, capable, and assertive. 

Not aggressive or passive, or passive-aggressive… but assertive

Contrast this to Capital Letter A, where the two sides lean on each other. 

If this was a relationship, you could imagine that when one person wobbles or has a bad day, it impacts both negatively. 

So, in the capital H relationship, when one wobbles, or gets upset, or is “off their game,” the other is strong and stable and can listen and allow space without emotionally toppling over. 

This has been a powerful image for me because in my relationships when the other person wobbles, they need support! They don’t need me to wobble TOO!

And when I can keep this in mind, then it becomes easier to “not get hooked” by the other person's moods and needs, and I can remain in a position of stability and strength so that I can serve. 

Is this image helpful for you? 

Send me a reply and let me know. Can you relate to the Capital H relationship?

How might you act differently if you were in an A or in an H relationship? 

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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