Coaching is not a luxury

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As you've probably noticed, I've been up to my elbows in re-designing and launching my Coaching for Excellence course. 

If you supervise, manage or influence others, this course is for YOU. 

This course helps people-leaders provide the clarity, connection and consistency to their team members that is absolutely necessary for people to thrive at work.


And yet…


As I've talked with clients about their needs and about the class, I have heard a few say, "coaching is a luxury. What my managers need is HARD SKILLS." 

This caught my ear. "Tell me more…" I said.

"My supervisors need to know how to SUPERVISE. They've not yet mastered the art of managing performance or setting priorities." 

"Go on…"  

"They really need help delegating and creating accountability, and they have strained relationships with their team members, so coaching doesn't really make sense."


This is where it gets difficult for me to hold my tongue.

You see, COACHING is a set of skills that assists with ALL of the above. 

Effective coaching includes…

  • Setting clear goals and priorities
  • Addressing barriers and providing support
  • Creating lines of accountability and follow-up plans
  • Listening actively and with empathy
  • Addressing performance issues swiftly and effectively
  • Aligning goals with career aspirations
  • Building trust
  • and so much more!

And in our upcoming Coaching for Excellence course, we are also including a whole segment on engaging your team in the coaching process to wildly accelerate your results!


I'm sure you can see now that when I hear someone claim, "coaching is a luxury," it sounds like a manager saying, "understanding my employees and guiding them toward our shared outcomes is optional."


And we all know that's just NOT TRUE. 

If you want to be an effective supervisor, manager or people leader, you need to master these core skills: 

  1. Getting clear on what is supposed to be done. Priorities and goals are KEY!
  2. Engaging your team in the energetic and on-going pursuit of these goals. Blasting through barriers and making measurable progress is your mandate. 
  3. Being consistent in your approach. Be it weekly, monthly or quarterly, establishing a habit around coaching your team will enhance all of your other efforts. 


Let's cut to the chase... 

Coaching for Excellence starts March 16th, and we've got a few spaces left. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for you and the other managers and supervisors in your organization to build the essential skills you need to thrive!

What's included: 

  • 6, LIVE, engaging, interactive, 3-hour classes via zoom over 12 weeks- delivered right to you in your pajamas if you want!
  • All new material, updated for today's work demands and oriented toward leading a remote or hybrid work team. 
  • BONUS material about performance management, documentation, hard conversations and more!
  • Recordings of all classes, available in your personal online portal for a full year!
  • Networking opportunities with other managers and supervisors who are committed to their own growth and excellence. 
  • Q&A sessions where you can ask any question about coaching
  • Optional Integration Consulting to help you implement new coaching habits and systems in your organization.
  • And all for an unbeatable price!


If you've been thinking about joining in, today is the day!

Join me!  CLICK HERE to register.  

P.S. Becoming a better coach is the one essential skill set that will accelerate all of your other efforts. I won't be offering this class in this format again for at least another year. If you're still unsure about whether you or your supervisors will benefit from the content we teach in this course, CLICK HERE and make an appointment to talk with me. I'm happy to explore the issue with you. I only want you to join if it's right for you!

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