The ONE Thing that Accelerates EVERYTHING

Imagine this…

You arrive at the airport for a connecting flight. The pressure is ON. You’ve got to find the shuttle, travel to another terminal, and haul your bulky carry-on, and you have only 20 minutes until boarding.  


You’re hustling toward your connection, turn the corner, and see a passageway must be MILES long. 

And of course the airport is crowded, with droves of people bustling by. 

You start to worry you won’t make it. 


But low and behold, you see a MOVING SIDEWALK!

You jump on, and instantly accelerate

You’re passing people like magic!

Every step you take is like 2 or 3 steps compared to those who (for some reason I can’t understand) opted to do regular walking instead of taking advantage of this amazing apparatus! 

You’re going to make it to your connecting flight after all! 

(What a feeling!!!)

I’ve long asked myself, “where is the figurative “moving sidewalk” in life?” 

How do some people seem to accelerate– almost magically– toward their goals? 

How do some teams seem to work so well together that their work gets done, their objectives are met and exceeded, they are smiling, and they have time to exercise and go to movies and have friends outside of work? 

Is this a fairytale? Or, can this really happen? 



YOUR Team can experience more clarity, connection, congruence and completion, which inevitably leads to that “moving sidewalk” kind of progress. 

What’s the secret? 



Being a managerial coach means supporting and championing your team members as they work toward a goal. 

It consists of having on-going, quality conversations that help your team members clarify goals, build accountability for and address barriers to achieving those goals, and gain confidence all along the way.


Think about it… Wouldn’t that accelerate your team's success? (That’s the magic of moving sidewalks, I tell you!)


Coaching has been shown to have numerous positive impacts:

  • It supports retention
  • Builds engagement
  • Leads to better decisions
  • Accelerates goal attainment
  • And builds relationships and a positive culture on your team


You might be thinking… “But I already coach my team, and WE don’t have that kind of advantage!”

I hear you. 


It might be time to step back and re-examine your approach. 

  • Perhaps your goals need to be more clear or compelling
  • Perhaps you’re trying to do too much and are inadvertently undermining your team’s success
  • Perhaps your team members need additional knowledge, skills or tools to do the job, but you haven’t really explored that yet
  • Perhaps your team members need to build motivation or confidence, or have barriers removed. 
  • Perhaps you THINK you’re coaching, but you’re actually TELLING, and robbing your team members of the opportunity to grow and learn themselves. (We all do it now and then, so don’t feel bad.) 


But if you really want to make progress, pause and refresh your own skill set. 

Join me for Coaching for Excellence LIVE!


In this LIVE Online course that starts March 16, 2022, you’ll learn and practice…

  • The foundational skills that create quality conversations and make for great coaching: Curious listening, looking for insight, and asking powerful questions. 
  • The GROW model that will serve as your guide
  • Setting relevant, sticky and cascading goals
  • Using a performance management framework to support success


You’ll also step back, look at the big picture, and answer:

  • What are my team's most important priorities this year?
  • How can I cultivate a stronger team culture? 
  • When should I coach the team and when should I have 1:1 conversations?   
  • Should I document my coaching? How? 
  • When does a performance challenge become a performance improvement plan? 


This once per year opportunity will give you  the foundation and framework you need to transform your team and gain that “moving sidewalk” advantage. 


What are you waiting for? Register HERE!

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*Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

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