Hey, there!
I’m Claire

If you’re here, you’re probably interested in growing as a leader and building an effective, healthy organization. Welcome!

I’m a true believer that work should be fulfilling, purposeful, and results-oriented. 

And I've dedicated the last 20+ years to helping individuals, teams and organizations build the communication skills and systems that unleash potential and unlock real results!  

The two most powerful pathways to success are developing your leaders and strengthening your teams.


Today's work environment is complex and competitive.  If you're not actively building an engaging and fulfilling culture, you're losing "people potential" – your most important resource!

Don't let that happen!

Does your team suffer from any of these signs?

Low engagement

Defensiveness / Blame


Lack of accountability

Low trust

Lack of alignment

It doesn't have to be this way.

A better future awaits!


  • Leaders leading with connection and driving results!
  • Teams that are engaged and accountable!
  • Trust, belonging and respect as hallmarks of your culture!
  • The satisfaction of being fulfilled and energized at work!



Claire is a ray of light! She's an exceptional and extremely relatable coach with a gift for unearthing the real barriers that keep us from moving forward with purpose. Claire helps cross-functional teams build trust and consensus and provides insightful and engaging trainings. Her courses are nothing short of transformative - inspiring leaders to take their skills to the next level and giving them the tools they need to implement those changes in the real world. 

Avalon S.
Assistant Community Development Director

Working with Claire has improved our team at the core. Her energy, enthusiasm and expertise helped us build trust, sharpen focus, and develop better habits. I wish we had started working with Claire years ago!

Michael F.
Chief Planner

Claire's presentation style is wonderful, she puts a lot of thought and passion into course content and material. She also practices what she preaches - you can see her modelling these ideas/skills throughout the seminar.

Quyen L.
HR Specialist

In the past eighteen months I've attended CFE and Evolve. As a result, I am transformed as a leader, a coach, and as a person. Claire, I will forever reflect on these courses as my pivot point where I overcame several self-imposed limitations. It matters. I am grateful for you and your team.

Jim M.
Clerk of the Board/Management Analyst

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