Develop Your Leaders

The culture of any organization is said to be the shadow of leadership. Are your leaders casting a positive shadow and creating a great place to work? Most people advance into leadership positions without any specific support or skill development in the fine art of leading others. The result is haphazard management practices, inconsistent expectations, suffering staff members, and a culture that crushes engagement. Don’t let this happen to you! Join us for one of our open-enrollment or custom-designed programs. Strengthen your leaders and build positive and powerful cultures..

The Leadership Transformation Course


The Leadership Transformation Course (A.K.A. LX EVOLVE) will give your leaders the foundation they need to be successful. This comprehensive course is designed to support skill development over time and helps leaders develop the mindset and adopt the methods necessary to guide their teams and build a positive team culture. This course is designed to help participants work toward mastery, build relationships and solidify powerful habits.

Learn to be a Coaching Manager

Coaching for Excellence

Coaching is the ONE skill that accelerates everything! If there was just one powerful skill set that you could develop as a leader, it would be Coaching! Coaching involves strengthening your communication skills, using positive frameworks to guide change, enhancing clarity through meaningful goals, and supporting performance through consistent interaction. Our Coaching for Excellence program gives you the foundation you need to start coaching your employees immediately.

Employee engagement starts here

Build Supervisory Skills

Supervisors are our front line. They know what’s really going on in our organizations, and they are often closest to our customers. Do they have the support they need to deliver on our organization’s promise and create a great working environment? When our supervisors are undertrained, they may inadvertently derail our attempts to build a healthy workplace. Don’t leave your supervisor's effectiveness to chance! Our Supervisory Training Series provides a strong foundation that positions your supervisors to contribute at the highest level.

Get your leaders aligned

Custom Designed Leadership Offsites

Are your top level leaders working together or against each other? Creating trust, synergy and a commitment to “Team #1” is of utmost importance for the success of any organization, and getting aligned and staying aligned is not a one-time event. The most effective teams are dedicated to building and maintaining trust, exploring current challenges, and breaking through the barriers that are holding them back. We will design and facilitate a unique offsite for you so you can get back to the business of leading!

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