The Leadership Transformation Course

Launches again September 2022
Leadership is a profound honor and responsibility. Leaders set the stage and cast a shadow—either positive or negative—that becomes the culture in any organization. 
Are you prepared to LEAD?
LX EVOLVE is a professional development and networking program that brings leaders from multiple organizations together for powerful monthly skill-building.
LX EVOLVE empowers leaders—both seasoned and emerging—to LEAD with clarity, consistency and connection!

Do the RIGHT work, in the RIGHT Way!

Ignite the genius on your team!

Strengthen accountability and engagement!

Here's How It Works…

  • Once a month, we meet for a LIVE half-day workshop (virtually), to learn the skills and frameworks people-leaders need to foster high-performing teams. (All workshops are recorded and available in a private library for a full year.)
  • Attendees are invited to attend Small Group Coaching Sessions throughout the month, to strengthen understanding of the content and practice new skills. 
  • An ever-expanding toolkit of job aids, guides and frameworks helps attendees put their skills to work immediately.  
  • BONUS content and videos, special focus-discussions, and guest speakers addressing hot topics round out an amazing year of learning!

The Content: Month-by-Month

We’ve customized a series of our most sought-after training topics to support your supervisors and managers as they lead your organization with connection, clarity and consistency. From PRIORITIZATION to PROBLEM-SOLVING, and CONFLICT to COLLABORATION, we’ve curated these competency-based trainings into an extended professional development experience that will ignite positive change and transform your organization.

Welcome! Let's Get Started.

Program launch! Take a leadership assessment, set professional goals, meet your peers, identify your internal stakeholders and partners, get a tour of the portal, and make a plan to get the most from this program.

Leading Change

Change is constant. Leaders must be proactive and provide a vision, and must engage their teams in as they "hard-wire" new behaviors. Here we identify opportunities for change and draft plan to guide success.

Get the Right Things Done!

There is always too much to do! Setting clear priorities is key. Here we determine your "most important" priorities, identify and eliminate time wasters, and make a plan to "move the needle" on the things that matter most.

Setting Goals and Achieving Results

Setting and Achieving Goals creates energy and accountability in your organization. When done right, it supports clarity, focused teamwork, and high performance. In this class we involve your team in crafting goals and plans. 

Planning and Aligning

Brining your team together for high-engagement planning is one of the key habits of high-performing leaders. In this class we learn to drive a quarterly planning process that really works, and to enhance success through team accountability.  


In this bonus course, we deepen connections between concepts and spend time sharpening focus on most-important priorities, supporting them with work plans, and following through with feedback. Don't miss this chance to take your skills to the next level. 

Unleashing the Genius of Your Team

We all have special talents and gifts. The strengths-based leader can identify and leverage each person's unique abilities to create greater satisfaction and get radically better results.  This class will show you how. (Optional assessment: The Working Genius)

Leading Meetings That Matter

The central unit of teamwork is the MEETING! Today we learn about 4 powerful meeting types, and we practice developing purpose-driven agendas. You'll come away with standard agenda templates that support your most important team processes. 

Unpacking Performance Issues

Managing performance issues is one of a leaders least favorite jobs. But it can be easier! In this class we unpack performance issues and determine how to support real success. We also discuss documentation and performance improvement plans. 

Coaching for Accountability

Coaching is a key skill that high-impact leaders use to build commitment, confidence and accountability. In this class, we learn and practice the GROW model, with an emphasis on supporting better performance through focused appreciation and recognition.

Creating a Learning Culture

At the end of the day, a high-performing team is one that sets goals, builds plans, and executes successfully against those plans. Key to this cycle is learning together! In this class we practice the continuous feedback loops that set us up for success.

Closing Ceremony & Celebration!

Celebration is KEY for any team's success. In this program re-cap, we review key concepts, celebrate the successes and changes our participants have made, and prepare our leaders to continue their development journey.

Participants say:

"Every single class gave me something specific and tangible that I could take back to work and use the very next day. Totally engaging!"

-Karen C.
Program Director,
State Rehabilitation Services

"Years later, and I’m STILL benefitting from the skills I learned in Claire’s Leadership Program. It was life-changing on both personal and professional levels, and I’m deeply grateful."

-Lisa E.
Client Manager,

"The training that Claire and the MRG team provides is top rate and an incredible value! I’ve paid four times as much for training that wasn’t half as good."

-Michelle D.
Community College

You might be thinking..

YES! Our course is unique in that we focus on the mindset and methods that will lead to mastery and real transformation in your organization.

While many programs teach skills, we IGNITE change through inspiration and connection!


Internal classes are a great idea, but consider this: learning with others outside your organization and industry provides a valuable perspective that can accelerate your growth.

Plus, when you consider the people hours and expertise required to build and deliver a relevant and timely curriculum, internal programs can be cost prohibitive. 

LX EVOLVE is designed to support the high levels of engagement and accountability that lead to real skill development and transformation at the team and organizational level.

Imagine the impact in your organization of a strong group of influential leaders who are transforming their teams!  

However, if you are still considering building your program, our experts can help! Our consultants and training experts can bring LX EVOLE to your organization, or build a custom-designed program to meet your needs. 

  • Change takes time and focus. And…it’s only one half-day training per month (recorded for convenience), with optional small group coaching sessions.
  • Leaders can dig in and make massive change with this kind of support and focus.  
  • This is REAL transformation to help BUILD your internal capabilities.
  • Plus,10 months may seem like a long time but this time will pass with or without your commitment to improvement. Where do you want to be in 10 months? Still dealing with the same issues and problems--or benefiting from fundamentally better leadership?
  • Your high-potential leaders are worth the investment!

We know that supporting these kinds of programs can be resource-intensive. This is why we are going to help you promote the program, get your folks fully on-boarded, and support accountability and uptake by providing you with a mid-year engagement report.

We are here as your partners- to help you amplify your capabilities in every way.

  • Think of it this way…If you save yourself from just ONE or TWO investigations, or from one or two people who leave your organization due to poor relationships, you can train an entire group of 20 leaders and save yourself and MANY others from immense heartache!
  • We acknowledge that your budget might feel a little tight… but think about your employees. They need to know that you care and are invested in them. 
  • Providing access to high-quality training sends a BIG message about your commitment, keeps your high-potentials engaged and growing, and it creates forward momentum.
  • We also encourage you to think of this not as a “spend,” but as an investment. 
  • The money you invest in your leaders will pay you back for years to come!

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Program includes:

A monthly half-day Virtual LIVE Workshop on a transformational leadership topic, taught by MRG’s team of highly experienced professional consultants / trainers. 

Recordings of all workshops available in your private online library

A complete toolkit of downloadable job aids, guides and resources to help you put your skills into action.

LIVE Q&A Sessions each month where we take the content deeper and answer questions. 

The EVOLVE Community on LinkedIn for networking and support. 

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