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Claire Laughlin, MA, is a dynamic and engaging trainer and consultant who uses experiential and innovative methods to help business leaders, teams and organizations become more engaged, high-energy workplaces. With every client, she seeks to build individual leadership potential, teach positive communication habits, and enhance trust among and between team members.


As an independent consultant and trainer with over 20 years of diverse experience, Claire brings a background in management, a relentless dedication to transformation, and a passion for improving relationships and employee engagement to all of her work.


Claire’s specialties include: Leadership development, facilitation skills to enhance engagement for mid-level managers, self-management skills that lead to higher personal effectiveness, and teaching trainers.


Claire’s latest endeavor, the BeAnAmazingTrainer Course, focuses on helping content experts turn their knowledge into dynamic and transformational training courses.

Claire Laughlin

Michelle Waters, MA, has over twenty years of corporate training and coaching experience. Michelle enables her clients to better their lives, relationships and environments through empowered communication. Specializing in presentation skills, customer service, and leadership courses, she combines well-tested theories with practical tools that get results. She is dedicated to maintaining a positive, worthwhile learning environment for all. Michelle holds degrees in Psychology and Communication Studies. She has studied at Disney's Training Institute in Anaheim, the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, and is trainer for Stephen Covey Speed of Trust, as well as Developmental Dimensions International. When she's not in the training room, she's either writing a business communication textbook for Oxford University Press, or finding balance with her family at Disneyland.

Senior Trainer
Michelle Waters

Jennifer Turner-Davis, MSc, PCC, OTR/L, enjoys finding similarities where there appear to only be differences. She brings a sense of curiosity and inclusion to her work by unraveling the mysteries of human behavior and harnessing the power of social connection.


Jennifer’s first career was in Occupational Therapy (OT). Initially being an occupational therapist seemed like a great fit. However, after a few years and a couple of promotions, she experienced burn out and disappointment.  The culprit? Being promoted into management without the necessary skills. 


As Jennifer deepened her education in management and leadership, she found a career based on her interests and strengths. Today she is an ICF accredited Professional Certified Coach (since 2008) with a Masters of Science in the Neuroscience of Leadership (Middlesex University, UK 2016). Her ongoing study of applied social cognitive neuroscience, not only enhances her coaching practice, but also supports her personal and professional development. Jennifer’s research into stress and wellbeing, with a focus on successful habit formation, provides a basis for many coaching conversations. Whether coaching managers on goal setting and accountability, reviewing feedback with someone about their career-limiting behaviors, or facilitating Rising Leader retreats, she enjoys working with individuals and workplace groups to partner in their learning, growth, and development.

Executive Coach
Jennifer Turner-Davis