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Today's workforce doesn't want to wait for an ANNUAL performance appraisal to know how they are doing. They want frequent, quality, actionable feedback. Plus, consistent feedback has been proven to enhance employee engagement while supporting performance. It doesn't get much better than that!

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This online course will give you the background and skills you need to get started having powerful goal-setting and performance-based conversations that build trust in your organization!

Module 1: The Fundamentals of Coaching

What does Coaching mean to you? Learn the basics of Coaching from a communication standpoint, and consider the benefits for everyone involved.

Module 2: Listening, Observing, and Asking Powerful Questions

Listening with presence is one of the most powerful relationship, leadership and managerial skills you can possess. There is no substitute for sharpening our intuitive instincts and being fully present.

Module 3: The G.R.O.W. Coaching Model

Learn the GROW Coaching Model and watch demonstrations of the model in action. Then, prepare for your own coaching session!

Module 4: Setting Goals and Achieving Results

Achievement of goals is a core human motivator. Pursuing achievement results in change (improvement). Here, we’ll learn about S.M.A.R.T. goals and forging a path to success with trackable actions.

Module 5: Giving Praise and Feedback

Recognition is a powerful Coaching skill, but genuine gratitude and praise ALSO create a positive climate. Recognition needn't be a grand gesture; a straightforward, specific thank you makes a difference. Here we’ll use G.R.O.W. for feedback and learn the 1-minute Praise and 1-minute Re-direct Models.

Module 6: When Coaching Isn't the Answer

Though coaching is a powerful tool, you also need to know when it's NOT the best solution. A performance improvement plan may be necessary in some cases. In this module we explore why, when and how to document for performance improvement.

BONUS Module: Understanding Performance

In this BONUS module, we go behind the scenes and "unpack" the building blocks of performance. We delve into skill building, motivation, and the tools that support success. 

BONUS Module: Supporting Change

For many, the transition to coaching will be a significant change. In this BONUS module we'll give you some tools and suggestions for how to make it easier for individuals and groups. 

Bring Coaching to YOUR Organization!

With this online class, your leaders can start learning immediately! Purchase the online course, and bring folks together with the bonus Practice Sessions!

"Committing to and supporting Quarterly Coaching Conversations turned out to be a real boost for our culture. Walnut Creek has always been a great place to work, but the improvement is noticeable. People are happier, productivity is higher, and engagement is on the rise."

Fran Robustelli
Assistant City Manager, The City of Walnut Creek

You might be wondering…

Yes!  As with all communication-based skills, there are both knowledge and practice components of success. Using video media enables participants to learn by watching, listening and reading. Subject-based worksheets foster reflection and initiate mental practice scenarios. Couple this online course with LIVE practice sessions to enjoy the full benefit of Coaching within your organization.

Naturally, when you purchase an online course, you want folks to USE it. The best way to encourage use is to set up practice sessions so that participants know they'll be required to perform. 

We have also included worksheets in every module so that you can ask folks to complete the worksheets and then review with their managers. 

Absolutely! Coaching is a leadership skill that will strengthen relationships, engagement, and performance, regardless of whether or not you retain your existing systems and processes. 

YES! We want you to be 100% successful. Give us a call to talk about group discounts. There are many ways that we can help you implement a coaching approach in your organization. 

Yes, we also offer scheduled in-person Practice Sessions that help foster skill adoption organization-wide. Give us a call to discuss!

We want to support you in being successful, so we have a 14-day money back guarantee. If your folks don't access the course in 14-days, we can revoke access and give you a refund. 

Experience shows that if you want your staff to really utilize the skills, you have to get their eyes on the videos quickly. We will help you "launch" your workplace initiative to build excitement and accountability. 

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