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Support better employee performance, improve relationships and retain staff, make better decisions, create inclusion and belonging, and ignite engagement! Build a positive & powerful workplace culture!


The Research Is In!

People are leaving the workforce in droves, citing isolation and low engagement as key factors. In addition, today's workforce wants frequent, quality, actionable feedback, an inclusive experience of work, challenging goals, and the support to attain them!

Taking a COACHING APPROACH to leadership meets ALL of these needs!

Join us LIVE Online...

This LIVE online course combined with virtual coaching will give you the background and skills you need to get started having powerful goal-setting and performance-based conversations that build a strong foundation of trust in your organization!

Six Powerful and Interactive LIVE Classes, Plus BONUS Material and Practice Sessions

March 16: Coaching Fundamentals

WHY Coaching? And what impact can Coaching have on your relationships and leadership trajectory? Understand the power of Coaching from a performance and inclusion and belonging perspective, and consider the benefits for everyone involved.

March 30: Listening, Understanding, and Asking Powerful Questions

Listening with presence and curiosity is one of the most powerful relationship, leadership and managerial skills you can possess. There is no substitute for sharpening our intuitive instincts and being fully present. We'll show you how. 

April 13: The G.R.O.W. Coaching Model

Learn the GROW Coaching Model and practice with your peers and instructors. Watch demonstrations of the model in action. Then, prepare for and practice your own coaching session and receive feedback.

April 27: Understanding and Managing Performance

One of a leader's least favorite jobs is holding others accountable. Instead, put your focus on creating connection, clarity and consistency with your team. Learn how to overcome the most common barriers to performance so you can unleash the power and genius of your team! 

May 11: Engaging Your Team

The secret to successful coaching lies in creating a psychologically safe culture where continuous feedback is the norm. In this module, we introduce an annual planning and coaching cycle and team coaching approach to support peer-accountability and engage everyone in shared goals. 

May 25: Positivity, Practice, and the Way Forward

In this final class, we lean into creating a positive workplace through coaching and recognition. We also practice coaching through special situations in small groups and we lay out your roadmap for creating a coaching culture in your workplace. 

BONUS: Documentation for Coaching and PIPs

Though coaching is a powerful tool, sometimes we need more. Thorough documentation and a performance improvement plan (PIP) is necessary in some cases. In this BONUS module you'll hear from Theresa Phillips, an expert on legal documentation requirements and performance improvement plans about how to make sure you are covered! 

BONUS: Ready to Ditch your Performance Eval?

We all know the pain of the annual performance appraisal. What many don't know, is that a coaching approach has been shown to be FAR more effective at influencing actual performance. In this bonus LIVE Q&A we'll answer YOUR questions and provide tools and suggestions for how to move your organization toward a quarterly coaching habit. 

BONUS: LIVE Virtual Practice Session

Now you've got the tools, let's put them to WORK! In this LIVE Virtual Practice Session, you'll meet with a small group and an experienced coach to get specific feedback on YOUR coaching skills! You'll also learn by observing others in action. Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Coaching is the future!

We are entering a new era. Our workplaces are complex and our teams are often dispersed. Leading your team and creating an engaging, inclusive and accountability-based culture is KEY if you want to attract and retain talent. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Join us LIVE Online, and you'll also have access to the class recordings and BONUS materials for all of 2022. This is your chance to give your leaders the training and support they need to become coaching managers.

"Committing to and supporting Quarterly Coaching Conversations at the City of Walnut Creek turned out to be a real boost for the culture. Walnut Creek has always been a great place to work, but the improvement from a focus on coaching was noticeable. People were happier, productivity was higher, and engagement rose measurably as a result. I wholeheartedly support this approach. "

Fran Robustelli
Former Assistant City Manager, The City of Walnut Creek

You might be wondering…

Yes!  Online learning is the new normal, and Claire Laughlin and her team are known for creating and interactive and engaging approach to learning - EVEN Online.

As with all communication-based skills, there are both knowledge and practice components of success. Joining our LIVE Online Course will help you learn the foundations. Taking advantage of our BONUS Practice Sessions will give you a chance to get direct feedback from one of our experienced coaches.

You'll also have access to the recordings of the courses and the downloadable worksheets and guides for the whole year so that you can watch and learn again and again. 

As with any skill you learn, you want to put it into practice!

That's why we have included a BONUS module that will help you make real change in your workplace. 

In this BONUS module, we talk about the change process, give you support materials like a Change Roadmap, a Sample Coaching Process, and a Sample Coaching Form for note-taking, to help you get started quickly. 

We will also share our best practices for introducing coaching into your organization.

We want you to succeed and are here to support you as you make the transition to a Coaching Model.

Absolutely! Coaching is a leadership skill that will strengthen relationships, engagement, and performance, regardless of whether or not you retain your existing systems and processes. 

YES! We want you to be 100% successful, and enrolling a large group is one of the best ways to reach that elusive "tipping point" in your organization. If you have more than 20 people to enroll, you can immediately take an additional $100 of every registration!

Send an email to: [email protected] to set up a time to discuss. 

Of course!

We can host a program for your workplace alone, and/or offer you an implementation coach who can guide you through the process and ensure that your coaches are ready!

Send an email to: [email protected] to set up a time to discuss. 

We want to support you in being successful, so we have an on-boarding process to help people take advantage of the course material. 

Because we offer access to all the recordings and BONUS material for a full year, we cannot give refunds, but we will absolutely help you prepare your participants to get engaged from the moment they enroll. 

Experience shows that if you want your participants to really utilize the skills, you have to have some form of internal accountability. We will help you "launch" your workplace initiative, build excitement, and create that accountability from the start. 

If you have any concerns, send an email to: [email protected] to set up a time to discuss this issue. We're here for you!

No- unfortunately it doesn't. You might be coaching, but you might not. Coaching is a unique kind of a conversation that is designed to help people uncover their own answers to problems and build capability and confidence at the same time. 

There's a lot more to coaching than you might think. Join us and we'll get you off to the right start! 

Unfortunately, many teams suffer from low trust and it can have many adverse effects including sluggish results, high conflict, errors and safety risks, absenteeism and more. The good news is that relationships can be improved through a coaching approach when you favor the foundations such as curiosity, clarity and consistency. Join us, and we will be your guides to building a stronger team!

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There's virtually NO downside to teaching your leaders to COACH! Workplace coaching is a powerful skill that will set your organization up for greater success! This LIVE Online course is the best way to get your team up and running quickly and we're here to help you make the most of it. Register above or click the button below to speak with one of our experienced coaches. Let's do this!


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