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Support all employees in Being Their Best at Work

For your organization to remain competitive and to attract new talent, all employees must be supported in being their best and doing their best at work. We offer a wide range of customized courses for all levels of your organization. From C-Suite retreats to “boot-camp” style training programs for new leaders, to 1-day team building workshops, to multi-day “academies,” we'll help you energize your workforce, and inspire people to make purposeful change.


Skill building is just the beginning.


In our unique training programs, we aim to ignite inspiration and help participants become committed to practicing new behaviors and measuring the impact of their efforts. Our communication focused training programs and retreats will help you make lasting change.

Being Your Best at Work

These courses are designed to help everyone—regardless of rank or title - show up at their best. Deficits in these skills can stall your career. Don't let that happen to you! Our most popular training courses include: 

  • Building Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness

  • Powerful Thinking: How to Be Positive and Open

  • Understanding My Motives

  • Confident Decision Making

  • Powerful Presentation Skills

  • Speak Up! Assertiveness at Work

  • Working Across Generations

  • Managing Stress and Conflict

  • Plan Your Time, Align on Priorities, and Take Action!

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Listening for Success

  • Take Charge! Handling Difficult Conversations

  • Working as a Team

Being a Better Supervisor

Managing others is both a skill and an art. In these courses, we focus on skills that every manager, supervisor or leader can use to make a positive impact and improve the workplace climate. Courses are customized for the level and rank of the participants, and to meet the unique needs of your organization.

  • Communicating for Leadership Success

  • Leading a Team

  • Creating a Climate of Trust and Continuous Learning

  • Delegating for Development

  • Managing Performance

  • Coaching for Excellence

  • Leading Change

  • Achieving Alignment: Plan the Work and Work the Plan

  • Conducting Quality Interviews and Selecting the Best Candidate

  • Leading Meetings that Matter

  • Motivating Others

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Making Decisions that Stick

  • Managing Workplace Conflict

  • Use Your Time Wisely

  • Demonstrating Courage: Handling Difficult Conversations

  • Project Management for the Rest of Us 

Leading Change

Change is all around us. Don't be accidental in your approach to change leadership! When your organization is experiencing change, STEP UP! These courses will help you create positive energy in times of change.

  • Becoming Change Resilient (1/2 day class for change leaders)

  • Leading Change (1 - 2 day class for change leaders)

  • Implementing Change (1 day class for supervisors and managers)

  • Navigating Change (1/2 day class for recipients of change)

  • Coaching Through Change (1 day class for supervisors and managers)

Lead With Purpose

The skill of your leaders is critical to your organization's success. In these highly interactive courses, leaders will discover their inner compass and learn to express their values and vision. 

Leading Performance

Many of our challenges as leaders stem from frustrations we have with employee performance. Don't let those frustrations drive your choices. Instead, learn the best ways to intervene and successfully change performance dynamics. Courses include:

  • What Makes Effective Performance Management? 

  • Motivating and Influencing Others

  • Demonstrate Courage! Handling Difficult Conversations

  • Setting Performance Expectations

  • Setting Goals and Achieving Results

  • Delegating for Development

  • Coaching for Excellence

  • Coaching for Improvement

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